TAMIM Real Estate

The breadth of TAMIM’s Real Estate portfolio provides valuable real-time proprietary market data. We believe this information enables TAMIM to identify mispriced and/or out-of-favor asset classes more rapidly than its competitors.


We acquire high-quality, income-producing residential or commercial real-assets or income properties at discounts to replacement cost.


We unlock value by proactively addressing any physical or operating issues through aggressive asset management putting our years of development experience to test.


Once assets are stabilized we sell the investments and return capital to our investors or actively manage the assets and generate monthly cash flow to our investors.

Why TAMIM Real Estate?



Diversified Commingled Fund

TAMIM has a primary offering that is a commingled fund that allows for multiple assets across different product types and locations. This structure allows for individual assets to be sold upon stabilization with the redeployment of those funds to maximize yields over the 10-year period. TAMIM funds invest in TAMIM affiliate developments as well as third-party projects.


Construction Expertise

TAMIM is an experienced fund manager and has roots in real-estate development around the world with recent acquisitions in extensive development and construction experience. TAMIM and its affiliates are themselves capable of developing and have an extensive portfolio, which also provides expertise in selecting and managing unaffiliated third-party projects.


Proprietary Strategies

In the late stages of an economic cycle, simple strategies will not be successful. TAMIM evolved capital deployment strategies as the markets have evolved. We believe that we are on trend and positioned correctly in the wave for the cycle. Our detailed Strategy and Pipeline are available after the execution of an NDA for accredited investors worldwide.

Real Estate Investment Strategies

TAMIM offers different investment strategies catered to individual return vs. risk appetite and the need for regular income and liquidity. TAMIM invests in institutional-grade commercial real estate. 


TAMIM has been involved in a number of hospitality projects including ground-up development and acquisition. This is key to understanding the market and creating a new hybrid product that is a blend between urban multifamily and a hotel.


A core part of our strategy revolves around synergistic retail uses that will complement the overall development. Food, fitness and entertainment are a key parts of retail nowadays. In addition to traditional retail, we are cultivating relationships with retailers in these categories to energize future projects.

Senior Living

TAMIM and TAMIM-affiliated developers completed a number of senior housing projects in a joint venture with a few major Home Health Services and Hospice companies. The projects consisted of a mix of assisted living, memory care, and independent living.


We target substantially stabilized real estate properties with a focus on global gateway cities. Our Core strategy features longer hold periods as we seek to unlock additional value post-acquisition, driving our total return.


As part of developing master-planned communities, a mix of uses is essential to maximizing the value of the property. We invest primarily in stabilized commercial real estate properties in top 50 U.S. markets with a focus on providing current income to active investors.